Moving - Frequently Asked Questions

Moving FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Moving Within India.

We conduct a pre-move survey for the following reasons To Inspect your goods, Understand your needs, Identify delicate & valuable articles, Take measurements to calculate the volume of the goods, Assess manpower and materials requirements, Check facilities for loading, parking, movement of vehicles, etc. During the survey Krishna Logistics Cargo Packers will also explain the moving process, clear your apprehensions, advise you appropriate means of transport, schedule dates for packing & moving and most importantly help you plan your move more effectively
Generally, only electronic goods, fragile items, glass / mirrors need to be crated. However, if you choose we can crate all the items you want.
Will you give us some cartons so that we can sort out our goods?
Yes, you can call us & we can deliver as many cartons as you want prior to the move.
You can do this, if you are a good at it. However, please be aware of the potential problems. For instance, insurance companies will not pay out on goods packed by their owner. If you really must pack some of your goods, leave the cartons unsealed so that our packing crew can inspect the contents, seal the cartons and make a note in the inventory.
Every home is different but for a normal truck load of household effects (750 CFT) takes between two and three days for packing. This is based on a crew of three or four persons. If timing is important, let us know about your requirements and Krishna Logistics Cargo Packers will coordinate the move accordingly.
Generally speaking, you can take most of the personal stuff like furniture, clothes, books, curios, utensils, electronic goods etc. However, all flammable items, liquids, perishable foods and other items that can deteriorate should not be moved.
We use quality packing materials and experienced crews to pack your goods. But this journey may be covering long distances and through very bad roads. So, Insurance is definitely a must and is really a bargain.
We have multiple moving options for your goods from small to very large trucks. However, this depends upon the volume of your goods & your specific needs.

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